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Product Details
Roving-Alpaca Colored

Roving-Alpaca Colored

Roving-Alpaca Colored
601 Sun Yellow602 Bright Yellow603 Golden Yellow604 Burnt Orange605 Pumpkin606 Deep Orange607 Salmon608 Pink609 Scarlet610 Burgundy611 Vermillion612 Lilac613 Purple614 Violet615 Periwinkle616 Russet617 Cherry Red618 Fire Red619 Crimson620 Hot Fuchsia621 Sky Blue622 Sapphire Blue623 Brilliant Blue624 Turquoise625 Royal Blue626 Navy Blue627 Kelley Green628 Chartreuse629 Emerald630 Spruce631 Teal632 Chestnut633 Aztec Gold634 Olive635 Brown636 Gold Ochre637 Gun Metal638 Silver Grey639 Jet Black
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Alpaca roving is the spinner's simplest way to spin alpaca fiber from a continuous collection of luxury. Our Alpaca roving is not only washed, picked and carded, but it has gone through the fiber separator and dehairer, which reduces pilling according to our customers: "... I also don't seem to be getting pilling after I wash and dry.....this is nice because shaving takes me a significant amount of time...." John from Vanity Apparel

Come relax with the beautiful buttery soft Alpaca roving as you spin into peaceful moments of serenity.

Our Colored roving is by Jacquard and you can select any color in the rainbow!

Our Roving comes in many colors as you select the color in the cart, the main picture will change.

Colors are not always exactly as they look because monitors do not display colors exactly alike.

There is a 5oz. minimum for each color ordered. If you want more than 5 oz. of a partiular color, please call to place order: (619) 579-9114

Nothing keeps you as fashionable as alpaca!

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