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Our house burned down in the Cedar fires of 2003

It once looked like this but was gone for good. So we set out to go to work.

We had a neighbor lend us equipment so we did not have to dig the entire foundation by hand. Some of it we did do by hand.

We've had new and old friends help!

This shot is in memory of Larry Nelson. That is his trailer he lent me to bring in the rebar and he helped me layout the lines for digging the new foundation.

Nathan on the right and his friend Jesiah helping to lay the foundation blocks.

This is Rick Lindsay. Without his help and Earl Carter we wouldn't have been able to build the house.

Dad and the older boys. We've been a great team putting this house up!

We've gained life long friends who came from other parts of the country to help people rebuild their homes.
We were privileged to get to know the Leroys that led the C.A.M. ministry team for months.

Sheldon led the team for a season.

But nothing can get done without a superb support staff. Some members of the support staff shown here.

The Mennonites built a fantastic new aviary for our birds since the old one burned. The Mennonites weren't able to build as many houses as they hoped due to our county delays but while they were here they helped build numerous projects to help get us on our feet while we wrestled with our insurance company.

A new hay shed and animal shelters. Some of the employees of Qualcomm, where I worked for 10 years, gave us a generous donation. The C.A.M. group built necessary items around the ranch with the money.

Here are a few more buildings the C.A.M. built for us

At the end of the day God brings in a rainbow just to remind us He cares. This is a picture of the stairs the C.A.M. group built in order to help us get into the hay loft above the mill which we've turned into temporary living space.

Since the fire, it hasn't been all work we have taken some time out to have fun. At home trimming trees.

Or at Disney with Oma, Papa and Aunt Sandi. Courtesy of Aunt Sandi

Or away at the local fun center

Caleb left, Rachael, Nathan right at the fun center

Mom takes to the cars

It has not always been fun since our house burned, like the time our new trailer we were living in leaked and molded the trailer and Dave got sick from the mold,

So we had to do dishes in the mill

or when little Jon spent three months in the hospital for airway surgery and open heart surgery. We were sure glad to get him home!

Through thick or thin we are a family and as a family we continue to build our new house. And someday soon we will call this our new home!

Here is a photo of our completed Home!

We look forward to meeting you. Call or email us today to schedule a ranch tour! (619) 579-9114
Our "Aunt Sandy" sent us today, an email
she sent us 10 years ago.
Hey Kids,
For the first time in 5 years, we ate our Turkey in a HOME instead of the barn!
First house…burned down (Becky & JJ) 5 Yrs. Later…New Home
Their oven was the size of a breadbox and the only place we had to gather that was large enough for the family was the barn. My cousins lived in trailers for 5 years while they rebuilt after the fire.
But this year, we celebrated a glorious new home… double ovens, electricity, plenty of bathrooms and a table that can stretch to seat up to 25 people.
Then she asked, "What are you thankful for?"

We should remind ourselves to be thankful every day!

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