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Our Favorite Links
Learn to Draw Fast!Learn to Draw Fast!Were you one of those kids who really wanted to learn to draw but stick figures is all that seemed to come out of your drawing portfolio? Well here is an unbelievably talented teacher who in no time at all can get you going with drawing and show you how to actually draw something that you will be able to smile at when you are finished drawing it. Learn from Sandra Angelo.
Knitting GuildLike to join a local knitting group? San Diego knitting guild would love for you to join today!
RelaxationRelaxationWould you like to spend the day in a relaxing garden setting and sip some ice tea, coffee, or spiced cider in the fall? Or just stroll the grounds among natures beauty with plants and waterfalls, snapping photos as you go? Then we would like you to check out our local relaxation spot: Summers Past Farms
Breaking BondsBreaking BondsHave you ever felt there a things from your past that haunt you but you just can't tell what they are or how to get them to stop? Go deep into the troubled life of Stephanie as she discovers not only what is bothering her but discovers the path to breaking the bonds from her past that are holding her from successfully moving on in life! For a great book, you can read the book, "Breaking Bonds" our daughter Rachael Nicole wrote. She even included a visit to an alpaca ranch in the book.

You can buy it on Amazon by clicking here

About the Author

Rachael Nicole is the second oldest of nine children and resides in Southern California. Growing up in a homeschooling family, she has lived many years on her parents' alpaca ranch--A Simpler Time Alpacas and Mill. Surrounded by so many different personalities, Rachael has always been fascinated with how people respond and relate with one another, and as her father's daughter, has a great desire to help people grow in their relationships with others. As an avid story-lover, she graduated with her B.A. in theater, and her passion is to see the hearts of hurting people healed so that there is love to offer the next generation.
Bed Time FablesBed Time FablesHow would you like to read a story that is entertaining for children and adults while at the same time teaches a story within the story? Have fun teaching your children the true story behind the story with fables from the forest written by myself, Dave Davies.
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